Ideas, sources, how-to's for achieving your desired 'look': 

1) If you already have a camper review what works in it: color, fabrics, "feel", and general condition. Replacement slipcovers may not be 'needed' but wanted to achieve a certain look. Some  units have cushions requiring sewn covers, others can be covered with a staple gun and sturdy upholstery fabric. Still others have created mini fitted sheet type covers.
2) Make a list of the things you want to be able to do while camping, how many involved and their ages and physical capabilities.  If it is a unit that requires three strong adults to set up and there is just you, your spouse and a child.... 
4) Inventory what you already have. Any themes or colors found may indicate your preferences.
5) Establish a timeline and/or budget.
6) Shop thrift stores, garage sales and clearance aisles for things that might help establish the elements you have identified as important to your camping experience.  Know and consider your weight limitations when planning what to take and use.
7) Think creatively, outside the box, repurpose and adapt.
8) A can of spray paint can be your very best friend!
Happy colors in a small hanging found in a second hand store. Instant inspiration.

Plastic patio and party items, outdoor lamp and a burlap rice bag made into a patio pillow.
Spray paint to create theme unity: It is cheap and easy to change! 

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