Sunday, May 10, 2015


Occasional recipes suited to camping.  This one can be done in a crockpot or in a pot.  It's ease of use earned it the nickname "Kitchen Sink Soup" meaning it had a lot of things in it!   The easy use includes combining canned soups and vegetables to create a hearty and tasty meal that travels well. In using prepared foods it is a quick to prepare meal.  Take an extra trash bag along to collect recyclable materials.
1 can/pkg of Lentil Soup
1 can/pkg Progresso Chicken Enchilada
1 can/pkg corn
1 can/pkg peas
1 onion
Seasonings (salt, pepper, 1 t. Italian seasoning; if you like spicy either red chilies or 1 can of chilies and tomatoes)
1 can/pkg beef soup
NOTE: If you like a heartier soup (i.e. thicker) - add a little flour or add more vegetables (potatoes, carrots, celery, etc.)


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