Saturday, May 16, 2015

Glamming Practice

A spate of heavy rains and severe storms made camping plans a thing of the past for awhile. Time spent in the storm cellar, however, revealed a location for some glamming activity!  A plain, cement walled storm cellar, two ceiling vents allowing air and light. Short stairs a small storage area beside the stairs and the wall opposite. Not big but enough space for about 4 people to crowd in.  So I began to think....maybe a coat of exterior, white porch paint to brighten the area?  What about a mural to give the idea of space and make it feel less box-like?  Strong, fun colors. Maybe a beach? A Tropical beach? Paint a rug on the floor...

Concept drawing of mural and colors with glamming elements (candle holder, wicker table)

Plastic appropriate spray paint; colorful fabric, some items begin to set the stage. The gold circle marks the general area of the "window" mural.

Items to jazz up include:
Two battered and faded plastic chairs
2 candle stands
1 wicker table
1 plastic storage unit
several plastic storage cans and bins (for extra batteries, candles, food and water)

There are some necessary items you need to keep in your cellar and update as needed:
batteries for radios, flashlights, etc.
battery operated radio, cell phone charger
water to drink
some tools (crowbar and hammer are handy)
Ready to eat, long lasting foods
medicine you might need
First aid and hygiene basics (bandages, antiseptics, mouthwash, toilet paper, etc.)
Warm or rainproof clothes (can be kept in a plastic container or bag to keep dust and bugs out)
A blanket or wrap (can be kept in a plastic container or bag to keep dust and bugs out)
Copies of important papers (in water proof pouch or on a flash drive in a waterproof container)


A family with children is painting a wall with chalkboard paint. Other good ideas and suggestions can be found here.

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