Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Those Darn Pop-Up Valances!!!!

I really wanted to change the valances in the pop-up. They are kinda drab and if not faded they do lack some "pop" impact.  The question was, how in heck to get them off the tracks?
The first thing realized was that the two 'tracks' butted into one another locking the tracks in place.  The larger aluminum peace attached directly to the fiberglass hull as one piece and that did not bode well for removal.  The screws served to block the valance moving past them.  A small buttonhole in the valance locked it into place.

The second head scratcher were these little "C" hooks.  They did not easily come off. They were not glued in place, and though we suspected magic incantations were holding them on, we could find no proof!  The white elasticized material was tightly stitched to the valance.  They did not slip off and the did not easily pop off so we were stymied.  Then some wonderful folks on a pop-up modification page gave the experienced advice needed.  They DO pop off but may require some help in the form of a flathead screw driver.  Gently place the head under the center and "pop" them off.  They will snap back on easily. 
Some replace them after hand washing (machine washing tends to tear the "C" hooks off in some settings).  Some buy replacement "tape" to attach to replacement valances.  Some suggest using tension rods in the channels.  A few even removed the valances entirely.  Some units may be too ugly for that. Remember the material  used must be able to crumble easily without too much damage or care.  Some use ruffled but others have gone with a solid boxy style that looks good too.
The curtains over the pullout bunk area are larger and not so hard to deal with.  The major problem encountered with these is that the top are net for air circulation but the bottom of these and the other solid curtains are a plastic foam type of lining that does not wear well.  If you wash it the backing tends to flake off.  Some respond to this challenge by cutting off the bottom and sewing a new curtain they attach to the netting.  One user even just adhered with fabric glue a new lightweight material over the old one.

So, now I know how to do the replacement and the challenge will be finding the right material!

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