Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Owners of vintage trailers go for some all out transformations and refurbs.  What if the pop-up covers are in good condition, the valance workable and there is little money?  Can glamping features be added in spite of a lack of trendy colorful new seat covers, bright dazzling new valances and lots of cash to spare?  Yes! These were taken when I aired out the pop-up after a long, long winter.  Nothing special here - no painted to match or careful coordination here. Just some things from around the house that might travel well and serve to bring the "glamor" to the camping.  I am going to explore using the colors of the cushions (olive, tan/taupe, and light burgundy) to coordinate some items.  If I can find the right material I will replace the valance (now I known how they come off!).

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