Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fun with Samples: Choices!

I have rec'd great advice on recovering options. Denim is well liked. So is a Solarium outdoor fabric.  Scotch-guarding is considered essential so the fabric, I am told, should be able to hold up to that process.  I will try and link source sites up to these as I find them.  I still need something with a little brown to ground it but then pop with the turquoise, yellow, royal blue type of colors. The search goes one!

House of Fabric is one source and they have sales!

Joann Fabric is another source

Locally, fabric stores are not as numerous as they once were and especially looking for upholstery or outdoor fabrics at reasonable prices. 

A Last Normal Camp

Last fall we took the popup camper out for a few days of early November camping. The weather was warmed from an early and unusual cold front that dropped snow and sub-artic temps down. As we set up camp, the wind was crisp, the skies still cloudy but the temps were well above freezing, not warm but bearable with a fleecy hoodie.  An out of the middle of nowhere campsite meant lots of geese landing on the nearby pond at sunset and skidding over its surface during the day.  Very relaxing with warm food, reading, and lazy conversation.

It was also a time to review the camper and see what changes and updates might be made to 'glamp' it up a tad bit.  New, brighter seat covers for one thing. Change the dining table to a more bistro size. Learn how to set up the awning (which we had never opened!).   Even when rain came through in the middle of the night and played a 'rat-tat-tat' on the canvas covering it was restful. 
It is now early spring. The temps are still a little low, the winds too high, and the energy still slug-like to do much more than just dream and remember the last, hopefully, dull normal camp.