Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Colorful Inspiration

I found this colorful hanging in a second hand store and love it because it shows some of the colors that will work well with the new scheme. 

Look What I Found (I Already Had)

From year to year items are purchased for summer fun and then are put away and sometimes forgotten about by the next summer.  Taking stock of what I already had I found these items.  Plastic and colorful they will be useful to lend a certain fun sophistication to the next camping trip.  The chair pillow is a repurposed rice bag (that came with a zipper and handles).   It is now a porch pillow.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Before

Our Fleetwood Tuscan - a little more brown toned than shown here.

The Idea Is Born

The idea to transform a nice, little used Fleetwood Tuscan popup trailer into a glamping wonderland, emerged slowly.  Several months ago the idea was unknown.  Then....

So I will be chronicling the on and off process of figuring out how to change our camper into a thing of magic and dreams.